ShoesDazzle - Never ending Shoedazzle nightmare

Queens Village, New York 0 comments

Every item that I have ever ordered from this Internet company I have only been able to wear a total of four times before the item falls apart.The first would have to be knee high velour boots.

After the third time wearing them, the boots had developed this incredible stench as if the cheap material it was made from had been set on fire and then smeared in ***. the fourth time, after airing it out, the shoes ripped at the back where the heel meets the ankle. Then the laptop case rips the first time I wear out and my laptop fall on the ground in the middle of Penn Station as I'm rushing to catch the last LIRR train and the last and final straw would have to be noticing the faux leather peeling from my flats as I am on my way to my department happy hour on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The worst part if they say that you cannot return it if it's worn but the cheap labor and shoddy craftsmanship only become apparent after wearing the product.

I work for another e-commerce company and I've decided that I will never show at Shoe Dazzle ever again.Because while my company is expensive at least it's a decent company that is worth the money which I honestly earned and which used to be easily taken by a dishonest company which is becoming know for selling extremely poor quality and is constantly tempting crowds with $15 credits.

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